Consulting Services for a Detailed Design and Business Case Study under GET FiT Programme for Mozambique

In order to create a platform for Mozambique to harness and capitalize on its largely untapped potential for renewable energy (RE), and with Technical Assistance of KfW Development Bank, the Government of Mozambique (GoM) awarded the Consulting Service to CPCS in association with Lahmeyer, Couto, Graça & Associados and Consultec Consultores Asociados to conduct a Study for a Detailed Design of the GET FiT Programme for Mozambique.

The Study was started in Abril and his planned to be concluded in October 2018. The GET FiT Programme will help Mozambique to diversify its energy mix and move production centres closer to load areas, serving as a catalyst for a more sustainable and reliable energy system.

A key aim of GET FiT Mozambique is to provide transitional support to unlock investment by reducing risks, improving the attractiveness of the investment environment, increasing institutional capacity, and building a track record of successfully implemented projects, while minimizing costs (e.g., the incremental cost of providing top-ups if the feed-in tariff (FiT) is inadequate) for the country. The proposed assignment seeks to:

1. Develop a detailed design for the programme (based on country and context specific feedback);

2. Identify attractive and feasible projects ripe for implementation;

3. Create a conducive environment for private sector investment in RE by addressing key risks and transactional issues through the reinforcement of the legal framework and key transaction documents;

4. Estimate costs and required budgetary support; and

5. Develop a plan to put in place the institutional capacity required to carry forward the programme.

The CPCS team carried out the Inception Mission in April. In order to fully contextualize the GET FiT detailed design and business case project, the CPCS team met with a number of stakeholders including government institutions, private project developers, bilateral and multilateral development organizations (donors), consultants carrying out work on behalf of the donors, as well as potential financiers.